Residentialventilation system cleaning

For good air quality in your home, prompt cleaning of your ventilation system is required

Contaminated air ducts and ventilation systems are a breeding ground for fungal spores, bacteria, particulates, pollen and other harmful deposits that lead to poor air quality.

The consequences of this can range from illnesses to chronic disorders of the airways and high susceptibility to health issues. The foregoing can easily be prevented through regular cleaning of the ventilation systems.

Hamster Cleaning has a reliable solution for every residential ventilation system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every how many years must residential ventilation systems be cleaned?

There is no conclusive answer to this question. That is because several factors play a role in how quickly or slowly residential or professional ventilation systems become dirty.

For example, in terms of air pollution, the location of a home will make all the difference, for example, if it is close to the Brussels or Antwerp ring roads, or whether the house is situated in a rural environment. In addition, filters must be replaced consistently. If this is not done, that may be at the expense of the cleanliness of the ventilation system.

The Belgian Building and Research Institute (BBRI) recommends that residual air ducting is cleaned every nine years, but Hamster Cleaning knows from experience that this period is too long. Cleaning every three to four years is advisable.

Does EN 15780 also apply to residential ventilation systems?

Yes. Under the European standard EN 15780, residential systems are covered by the average cleanliness quality class ‘medium’.

Is there a 21 or 6% VAT charge on the works?

Certain renovation works on real estate can benefit from the reduced VAT rate of 6%. The reduced rate only applies if the following conditions are met at the same time:

  1. It concerns work on immovable property relating to conversion, renovation, rehabilitation, improvement, repair or maintenance of immovable property (not including cleaning and renovation).

  2. The real estate is exclusively/mainly intended for habitation after completion of the works.

  3. The building must have been in use for at least 10 years (for 2016 this was 5 years).

  4. The work will be provided and invoiced to the end user, who must certify that the conditions have been met.

How do I know when my ducts are dirty?

A first indication of dirty ventilation are dirty valve edges, a second indication is the condition of the filters inside the ventilation unit.

A third way of detecting contamination is a reduced performance of the ventilation system.

If you or your family experience inexplicable allergies, asthma or other breathing problems, excessive dirt and debris circulating through your ventilation may be the cause.

How do you clean the ducts?

In most cases, Hamster Cleaning opts for cleaning ducts by using a rotating brush system. Through the Air duct valve/Disc valve/Exhaust diffuser/Air diffuser, a rotating brush is introduced into the channels that removes the dust.

The loose dust and dirt is then extracted by our powerful extraction fan which is connected to the ventilation unit. This dual action (brushing and suction) evacuates all the dust and debris from the duct.

How much does a ventilation cleaning /duct cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning depends on the type of system: C, D or air heating system.

Hamster Cleaning works with transparent standard pricing, without additional start-up costs. You can consult our prices at

How often should I replace my filters?

Hamster Cleaning recommends vacuuming the filters at least once a month and replacing them every six months.

I suffer from dirty smells in the house, can a duct cleaning remedy this?

That’s possible. A polluted channel can be the ideal breeding ground for fungi and other bacteria. A ventilation cleaning can temporarily remove the fungi from the ducts, but the underlying problems need to be addressed at the same time in order to avoid the problem recurring at a later date.

During the work our specialistst will look for the root cause of the problem.

Are chemicals used during the duct cleaning?

No. Chemicals will not be used in our conventional way of cleaning. However, a homeowner can order the use of a mild, non-toxic anti-microbial solution if microbial growth has been identified or is suspected.

The use of these chemicals is not recommended as a part of a regular maintenance programme.